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One method does not fit all.
Let's find a custom solution that works for you.

We use the best concepts from popular therapies to help clients reach their goals.

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Convenient counseling for when you are on the go.

Video Chat

Real-time video chat that's easier to use than most e-Therapy apps.


See your therapist from almost anywhere using smartphones and tablets.


Works on all desktops and laptops with internet access and a webcam.

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Now you can easily communicate by text with or without video.


HIPAA & HITECH compliant, secure encrypted point-to-point connections.

High Quality

We make sure you and your therapist have the best video experience possible.


No downloads, no plugins, nothing to install. Works on popular browsers.


We believe cost shouldn't be a barrier to getting high quality e-Therapy.


The truth about mental health

Mental Health

Percentage of the population with mental health problem in a year.


Percentage with mental illness who saw improvement after treatment.


Percentage of college students negatively impacted by depression


Percentage of adults who didn't receive mental health treatment.

★★ Military & Families ★★

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We are a top tier mental health service provider in Virginia Beach. Please use email to send non-personal and non-urgent information only. For emergencies, please call 911. For urgent mental health assistance please call our urgent number.

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