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Conveniently located in the Haygood Road area of Virginia Beach and only a few minutes from Town Center, we are dedicated to providing Hampton Roads with high-quality outpatient behavioral health and wellness services. Our core specialties include outpatient psychotherapy and substance abuse treatment for consumers of all ages. We offer these in individual, family and group therapy settings to address a host of mental disorders including, anxiety, depression, bi-polar disorder, PTSD and alcohol dependency.

In some cases, our clients will benefit from a single type of treatment approach while others will need a combination. We refer to these as modalities. Our licensed clinicians are skilled at listening, understanding and treating a host of mental disorders. They are trained to develop treatment plans by applying concepts from some of the most well-known psychological "schools of thought". These include cognitive behavioral, dialectal behavioral, psychoanalysis, mindfulness, milieu and EMDR.

Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit

To reduce stress, we supplement our traditional treatments with holistic therapies such as therapeutic yoga, massage, and light exercise. For example, meditation can be used to clear the mind and bring it to a state of restfulness. To reinforce healthy habits, we offer wellness classes, workshops, and life coaching. We even offer tutoring classes for students that wish to improve their learning ability and to prepare themselves for important standardized tests. Our purpose is to help our clients obtain measurable improvements towards recovery and cope with life's struggles in healthy ways.

How To Get Started

Recovery begins with a simple phone call. Set an appointment for an initial assessment. Our staff is always compassionate, courteous and professional. Give us a call today at (757) 431-7321. We can help.

What Can You Expect At Your First Therapy Visit?

During your initial visit, one of our staff members will ask several questions to assess your mental, emotional and physical state to determine your need for treatment. As an interdisciplinary team, our clinicians will use their expertise to develop a custom treatment plan for you. They will frequently monitor progress along the way and periodically, revise the treatment plan to ensure that it continues to contribute toward your desired outcome.

There is nothing wrong with admitting that you need help. If left untreated, mental illness can cause difficulties in your relationships and have a negative impact on your career and daily life. By receiving mental health treatment, you'll learn that you're not alone and that it is possible to live a better life. Sunrise Behavioral Health will give you the tools you need to recognize when your symptoms are being triggered so you can deal with them in a healthy way.

Already Tried Therapy?

Don't give up. There are many reasons why individuals have mixed results with therapy. Sometimes the solutions are as easy as picking a better matching therapist or one that makes a custom treatment plan that better fits your personality. Remember, up to 90 percent of people with mental illness see improvement after therapy (National Alliance on Mental Illness).


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We are a top tier mental health service provider in Virginia Beach. Please use email to send non-personal and non-urgent information only. For emergencies, please call 911. For urgent mental health assistance please call our urgent number.

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