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Why We Do It

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Mission Statement

To provide compassionate, traditional and holistic treatment to promote wellness of the mind, body and soul.

At Sunrise Behavioral Health Inc., we believe that healthiness happens when the whole person is well. To achieve this, we employ an interdisciplinary team of professionals who are trained and licensed in their respective areas of expertise. Our staff includes therapists, substance abuse counselors, group facilitators, life coaches and a host of wellness experts. Collectively, we work together to develop comprehensive treatment plans that address the specific needs and personality of each client. Life coaches are available to support clients in between sessions as they work towards recovery.

Even if a client already has a therapist, we can work in concert with their provider to deliver other services to complement the treatment they are already receiving. Our facility hosts a myriad of treatments designed to enhance one's recovery.


To help the world discover which therapies work best for them.

We envision a future where everyone understands that mental health issues are not something to be ashamed but just like any other illness, they are something to be treated. Since we are all uniquely complex individuals, it is unreasonable to think that a single type of therapy or "school of thought" will yield the best results for all disorders. When one method appears to fail, some clients will falsely feel like they tried therapy and conclude that it does not work for them. For the most part, they are not even aware that there are many types of psychotherapies available. At Sunrise Behavioral Health Inc., our clients are not limited. We utilize an integrative approach, where clinicians are encouraged to apply the best concepts from a multitude of modern therapies to achieve the best results for our clients.

Core Values

A belief that clients always comes first. Therefore, it is our responsibility to value and respect everyone as a whole person; acknowledging that we all have strengths and weakness.

Commitment to embracing our diverse community by providing high-quality service without prejudice or discrimination.

Respect for the uniqueness of each consumer. One treatment plan does not fit all. Therefore, custom treatment planning is necessary.

Commitment to providing an environment where the staff collaborates effectively; working as an interdisciplinary team to the benefit our clients.

A belief that our employees must always demonstrate an abundance of patience, respect, hope, compassion, integrity, and accountability.


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We are a top tier mental health service provider in Virginia Beach. Please use email to send non-personal and non-urgent information only. For emergencies, please call 911. For urgent mental health assistance please call our urgent number.

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