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What We Do

Sunrise provides outpatient behavioral health services to the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. It is our belief that mental, emotional and physical wellness are all connected. Therefore, we work with our clients on a holistic level. Together, we can develop a targeted treatment plan to mitigate the pain and suffering that is affecting their daily lives.

Like snowflakes, humans are all unique and very complex. Likewise, no two people will respond to any particular therapy in the exact same manner. This is why our clinicians are not limited to providing just one modal of therapy. Depending on the needs and personality of the consumer, our clinicians will seamlessly use techniques from many different approaches. Our treatments are avaialble for individuals, groups, families and couples.

One method does not fit all.
Let's find a custom solution that works for you.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is the process where a client works directly with a qualified therapist in our caring, safe, and a confidential atmosphere. Our location allows the therapist to investigate feelings, behaviors, beliefs, and to identify certain aspects of life that they would like to change.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is an important part of a comprehensive treatment plan. This type of setting creates a safe atmosphere to express oneself, learn new coping strategies and exchange moral support between peers struggling with similar issues. Our small format consists of up to 12 participants. A mental health professional will help move the group toward its goals and explore solutions while clients support each other.

Marriage & Family Counseling

It is important to seek help when two people feel distanced from each other, communication breaks down, or infidelity has occurred. Since it often takes a third party to assist those who are too close to their problem, couples turn to marriage therapy when they experience difficulties in their relationship. A seasoned marriage therapist can help a couple find common ground once again; reminding them of things that brought them together in the beginning. Many clients also use this type of counseling to tackle external problems outside of the marriage itself, such as illness, tragedy, or loss of employment.

Families that are being torn apart by divorce, tragedy, or troubled children can work through their problems under the guidance of a competent therapist. While this is an opportunity to discuss feelings and vent frustrations, we recognize the importance of making a combined effort to find answers.

Core Therapies

Our treatment plans include some of the most respected psychotherapy methods; also known as talk therapy. Some of these include psychoanalysis, cognitive behavioral (CBT), mindfulness cognitive behavioral (MCBT), Dialectical (DBT) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

Alternative Therapies & Wellness

To further assist in recovery, we offer a full range of alternative therapies and wellness classes. These sessions are designed to promote emotional and physical health by introducing exercise, relaxation, education and socialization. Therapeutic Shiatsu Massage, Meditation, Yoga and Tai Chi.


Our workshops are chosen based on popular demand. Educational in nature, they give the community the tools needed to enhance their quality of life. For example, a mentoring program is available for youths at risk. Businesses and other organizations are encouraged to inquire about our team building workshops.


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We are a top tier mental health service provider in Virginia Beach. Please use email to send non-personal and non-urgent information only. For emergencies, please call 911. For urgent mental health assistance please call our urgent number.

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