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Sunrise provides high quality, Virginia licensed psychiatrists who have decades of experience in the field. They are skilled in the areas of assessing and treating psychiatric illnesses. When needed, medication management and telemedicine services are availble. Now accepting clients. Short wait times.

"The golden walls inside Sunrise Behavioral Health seem to exemplify the company's positive mission: "Wellness of the mind, body and spirit."
- The Virginian-Pilot

5 Reasons To Choose Us

Picking the right therapist can be confusing. There are many reasons why clients prefer us. Here are just a few...

  1. Skilled.  Caring, licensed therapists.
  2. Affordable.  Very reasonable pricing.
  3. Discreet.  Private individual & group therapy.
  4. Custom.  Bespoke treatment planning.
  5. Holistic.  Therapy, fitness & wellness.

(757) 431-7321

Sunrise Behavioral Health Inc.
4654 Haygood Road, Suite B
Virginia Beach, VA 23455

(757) 431-7321


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We are a top tier mental health service provider in Virginia Beach. Please use email to send non-personal and non-urgent information only. For emergencies, please call 911. For urgent mental health assistance please call our urgent number.

Sunrise Behavioral Health Inc.

4654 Haygood Road, Suite B, Virginia Beach, VA 23455

Phone: (757) 431-7321

Email: info@SunriseBehavioral.com


Urgent: (757) 431-7323