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Therapy Is for Everyone

Just like any other illness, you should seek help to identify the problem and let a professional treat it. If you feel like your problems are overwhelming and affecting your daily life, it's time to seek professional help. Seeking help for the first time is a very brave move. Thankfully, we live in a society where more people are learning the importance of mental health. In general, talking about your problems can be therapeutic. It's also an excellent way to organize your thoughts and emotions without being judged.

Do you feel anxious, depressed or inundated by life's challenges? Are your problems starting to harm your personal relationships? Do you suppress these feelings because you don't want to appear weak or doubt that others will understand? It's important to know that these problems are very common, and therapy can help. Did you know that 25% of our population will have a mental health issue during any particular year? Unfortunately, 60% of adults with mental illness did not receive care, partially due to misconceptions about therapy, transportation and ability to afford services.


Our Integrative Therapies

Sunrise has compassionate therapists that love what they do. They are skilled at listening, understanding and determining which types of treatment would be most beneficial. By using integrative methods, our therapists have flexibility when creating custom treatment plans. They use a variety of highly respected talk therapies. Additionally, they can recommend alternative therapies that can promote health, relaxation, motivation or socialization. At the end of the day, we are here to help find the right solutions that work for you.


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