What Is Psychotherapy?

Facts and Myths Finally Explained

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Sometimes called talk therapy, psychotherapy is the generic term for the treatment of emotional or psychological problems by a licensed psychiatrist or licensed clinician. During sessions, therapists work to uncover the reasons for behaviors, feelings or thoughts related to their particular problem. Through therapy, patients gain the skills or tools needed to live with or overcome a mental health issue.

Major Modalities

Therapy sessions may involve individuals, groups, couples or families. A few major techniques used in treatment include psychodynamic therapy, interpersonal therapy, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. Psychodynamic therapy helps people resolve emotional problems based on subconscious conflicts that commonly stem from past experiences. Interpersonal therapy involves improving communication skills, enhancing self-esteem issues or tackling other problems based on behaviors or interactions between individuals and family or friends. Cognitive-behavioral therapy involves evaluating and changing a person's behavior by altering thought processes.

What Are The Benefits of Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy helps clients deal with problems that stand in the way of living a productive life. Through therapy, individuals become aware of the source of their illness and overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of achieving happiness or healthy relationships.

What To Expect At Your Psychotherapy Session

Your initial therapy session provides the therapist with the opportunity to obtain information concerning you and your individual needs. Often, clients are required to fill out forms that ask for information concerning current or past medical conditions, a current list of medications, overall physical health, and emotional problems. With this information, the therapist gets a basic understanding of the issues and can begin developing a treatment plan. The therapist may then explain the type of therapy needed, set the goals for treatment and estimate the number of sessions needed along with the duration of each one.

The first meeting also provides the client with the chance to learn more about the therapist and determine if the practitioner's approach is a good fit. Clients may ask for a therapist's credentials or level of experience with their particular problem. They can also learn more about treatment protocols and what to expect during sessions.

Tips To Get The Most Out Of Psychotherapy Sessions

Therapy sessions are most beneficial if you attend all of the scheduled appointments. Sessions are not productive unless you actively participate. Think of therapy as a collaborative effort and feel free to express needs, ask questions or choose topics of conversation. Do not be afraid to express a thought or feeling for fear of judgment. The work required for improvement must continue outside of the therapy sessions. Keeping a journal, engaging in a particular activity or any other assigned task are steps toward resolving problems. Establish goals and review your progress periodically. Psychotherapy is not a quick fix and requires time and effort.


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