Understanding The Mental Health Problem

A Series Of Questions & Answers

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Psychological Testing

Our clinicians conduct assessments to get a feel for how well the client can think, remember and reason. The assessment will also give a sense of the patient's emotional state and play a role in developing a customized treatment plan.

During the visit, the clinician will ask the client questions and request that they write down some of the answers. Then they will take note of the person's appearance, behavior, mood and ability to express themselves. She may ask the client how well they interact with other people, including friends and relative. The therapist may ask about any chemical dependencies and health conditions. If the patient is a child, the tests will be tailored to fit their age.

The information contained in the assessment is available to the client. They are encouraged to ask questions and collaborate along with the clinician to develop a custom tailored treatment plan that will work best with their personality.



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