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The world is witnessing a rapidly growing interest in "soft skills." These proficiencies encompass non-vocational skills, but often help enormously to improve our quality of life and how we tackle day to day challenges. In these self-improvement classes, life skills, such as managing stress, maximizing production and improving self-control are taught to supplement our existing skills. As an analogy, traditional college courses teach you the necessary steps to do a job; soft skills will teach you how to do that job better.

How Do Workshops Work?

Self-improvement classes vary widely in quality and cost. Sunrise offers highly qualified workshop facilitators to our community at minimal to no cost. We deliver some of our workshops at our location while others are strictly available online using webinars. The latter allows massive numbers of people to participate in real-time from the comfort of their home.

What Topics Are Covered

It is our goal to provide workshops that serve the needs of our community. Therefore, topics will be chosen based on demand and how well participants enjoy the classes. Our workshops are not about imposing any one particular ideology. We welcome a variety of facilitators that use proven philosophies that piques everyone's interest and can improve lives.

Most sessions will provide you with actionable information that you can start using immediately to manage your well-being proactively. For example, anger and time management, public speaking, building personal charisma, and ethics classes are very popular. Eventually, we will cover foreign languages and music. The potential options are endless.

What Are The Benefits?

We believe you get from workshops what you put into them and how much you truly adopt the lessons learned. It is a mistake to assume that qualities like patience, determination, or focus are things that we are born with and that nothing can influence those. These qualities can be cultivated and enhanced but only with practice and experience. Self-improvement classes will help give you the tools to develop better qualities and skills. For instance, the art of negotiation is something that if learned could help you bargain for that raise, get a better deal on a large purchase you have planned, or even help you maintain healthy relationships with the ones you love.

Be sure to check our events calendar for upcoming workshops. They fill up quickly and are made available on a first come - first serve basis.


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